About Owner Essentials

Put simply, Owner Essentials has protection plans to help consumers enjoy everyday life and give them financial control when unexpected events arise. From vehicle service contracts to home warranty options, our innovative offerings have helped countless families stay afloat during budgetary challenges.

Owner Essentials Vehicle Service Contracts

Your vehicle is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Drivers today are keeping their vehicles longer and driving them further than ever before. Next to your home, your vehicle is probably your second largest investment.

Owner Essentials isn’t a warranty, it’s a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) with excellent service from a company that’s changing the way people think about their cars. A VSC is one of the best protection plans you can choose. You are more likely to use it than the other forms of protection you might own.

No matter what kind of car you drive, if you’re not fully protected, you could be blindsided by a major repair. Your insurance won’t cover breakdowns or electrical issues with your car, Owner Essentials will.

Owner Essentials Home Warranty

Your home is one of your largest investments. You planned and saved for it. The next step is to make sure it is protected with an Owner Essentials Home Warranty. The systems and appliances in your home that make you comfortable sometimes need repair – or replacement – and you never see it coming.

Those repairs can cost a pretty penny. Proactive homeowners – especially those whose homes are aging – rely on Owner Essentials for a home warranty that covers the repair or replacement of the home appliances and systems that break down most often, so they’ll be up and running as soon as possible with the most professional service at the best price.

This website is intended solely for the purpose of providing general information with respect to vehicle service contracts and home warranties. You must refer to the actual service contract to obtain specific information about definitions; terms and conditions; coverage; benefits; claim instructions; exclusions; and special state requirements.